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Disability and library access: Who ya gonna call?

library scare


My experience of University is that anywhere that you want to study in is going to be busy and the library is one of the most difficult places to navigate and use at the best of times. There are always streams of students printing off essays, discussing group work, and eating the odd snack whilst finishing off their out-of-lectures reading! But what about when you’ve got a disability? Although every University library is different, I decided to write a little bit about mine and provide some access improvements of my own! 

Switches explained


As part of my latest insight into the world of Electronic Assistive Technology, I’ve decided to dip into the world of Switches. An alternative way for people with greatly reduced mobility and/or cognitive ability to access computers.

Tea and biscuits! A talk with my friend about technology and life

custard cream

I decided to interview a good friend of mine for the blog. She is 20 and has cerebral palsy. She was studying at University but is now enrolled on a course that helps disabled people to get into work. I decided to ask her a few questions about life at University, how she uses technology to help her in her daily life, and how her carers are important to her.