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soundgecko-2Sound Gecko is primarily aimed at people who are on the go and ‘don’t have time to read’. However, as it is text-to-speech output software, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be really useful for those who are dyslexic or visually impaired. 

It is available for windows phone, android and  iPhone and you can use it for free, however there are limitations. You can listen to web articles but are limited to 30 per day and 4000 words. If you’re using this all the time, then there is the option to upgrade to a pro account.

It is $2.95 per month, which seems really good value as you get unlimited amounts of web articles and 30,000 words. Not only can you listen to web articles but also PDFs, multiple emails and have additional voices if you don’t like the free one. 

From trying out the free version, I think it works really well. You can try it out by going to SoundGecko

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