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Manchester’s Disabled Gaming Scene


Aidis has recently held two “gaming days” as part of a new project we’re trying to roll out to local charities in Manchester. We are helping disabled people to play videogames and showing them how they can also use computers. We’re calling it “Everyone Can Game”.

So far we’ve visited Trafford’s Centre for Independent Living three times to pilot our gaming days. Maya, our volunteer, has written about our first one and this blog is just to summarise the most recent two. 

We have laptops with some great games installed on them that we take to the events (although we’re on the lookout for more games!). We then have controllers, an oculus rift and a steering wheel , as well as adapted input devices for people with physical difficulties that might mean they’d struggle to use standard game controllers.

We visited TraffordCIL on 6th August and 17th August. The first event was for adults and the second was for people aged 14-25. Both events were great fun and well attended with lots of requests for the Oculus and for the driving games.


At the moment these days are only for Greater Manchester or very close to, but we’d love to hear from any disability organisations local to us who would be interested in hosting a gaming day. Call us on 0808 800 0009 or email support@aidis.org and we’ll see if we can arrange to visit.


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