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Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017

Image shows word "Dyslexia" created where each letter is made up of pictures of people. Above this image in plain text is "Dyslexia Awareness Week takes place from 2nd October in England Ireland and Wales. This year's theme is the "positive about dyslexia".

This week 2 to 8 October 2017, it’s Dyslexia Awareness Week. This year, the theme is Positive about Dyslexia. This is particularly important, because as with all other disabilities, people often perceive dyslexia as a negative thing.

While it may pose some challenges such as struggling to read, dyslexic people often excel in other skills. Intriguingly, some of the world’s most famous business people and creatives are dyslexic. So this week, I thought I’d share with you some podcasts that highlight the positives of dyslexia to celebrate.

For many of the awareness events this year, I’ve been sharing with you blogs. But blogs aren’t always the right platform for dyslexic people, but that’s okay, because we are very fortunate to have the existence of podcasts. Podcasts are in many ways blogs but in audio, they can usually be downloaded as individual episodes from various podcasting platforms such as SoundCloud, iTunes and other places. They are a bit like radio in that they are a solely audio medium, but are usually created to serve more niche audiences, are available through the internet and are generally episodic in nature. What’s great about podcasts as a format is that as they are solely audio based, they can provide education and information, without the need to read, therefore, they can be hugely beneficial to those who learn well through audio. So, here are a few podcasts about dyslexia for you to check out.

The Codpast

The Codpast is a podcast where dyslexic film maker Sean Douglas interviews different dyslexic people. In doing so, he shares some of the positive stories of dyslexic people who have succeeded to lead a positive life, often through becoming well-regarded in the creative industries or from running successful businesses. The Codpast also have a website with videos about assistive technology and a wide range of content.

Sean participated in Disabled Voices Online last year, which you can read here.

The DysAdvantage

Kyle Ram runs The DysAdvantage podcast in order to inspire dyslexic people to make the most of the benefits of dyslexia. He interviews dyslexic people about their experiences of how they’ve used their dyslexia to make their lives a success.

Made by Dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia is an organisation that aims to foster the belief that dyslexia is just a different way of thinking and not a disadvantage nor a problem. They are a fairly new organisation, their podcast only has two episodes at present, however they seem to be doing some pretty interesting work, so it’ll be interesting to see where they’re at in the future.

What are you doing for Dyslexia Awareness Week? Please let us know in the comments below.


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