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Deaf Awareness Week 2017

May is a very busy month where awareness weeks are concerned. This week 15 to 21 May 2017 is deaf awareness week. So this post is all about deaf awareness.

The online world is so valuable to many people who cannot hear, because it gives them a platform on which they can fully communicate on a level platform with their hearing peers, as there is no hearing needed to type and write on the internet. In fact, if you came in to contact with a deaf person online and they never told you they were deaf, you may never know. I can honestly say from experience, writing by deaf people is a pleasure to read. So, I thought I’d share with you some links to blogs by deaf people that I think you should check out. Though it should be noted that there are many more deaf blogs than those listed here and generally, when you find time, you should check out as many as possible as is true of all disability blogs. I find, that even though I know many disabled people, I always learn new things from reading blogs about disability. This is because you find experiences vary so much from person to person. So here is a good starting point where blogs by deaf people are concerned.

The Limping Chicken

This blog has a range of deaf and hearing impaired bloggers who write a range of news and opinion pieces, all related to the experiences of hearing impairment. It is the biggest deaf blog site in the world. It publishes articles by a wide range of deaf writers. On their “about” page, they state that they’ve had over two hundred deaf writers contribute and over four million page views.

Deafinitely Girly

This is a blog written by a deaf woman who writes under the name Deaf Girly. She writes about her experiences both good and bad. Her writing is easy-to-read and often comical. Additionally she has done some campaigning.

I Look So I Can Hear

This is a blog about a person who writes about their experience with hearing loss, with the aim of raising awareness. What’s interesting about this blog, is that the author writes about their experience with cochlear implants, which help them to hear. They provide a well-rounded picture of the ups and downs of this experience, challenging many misconceptions. You can also find deaf people related news and links to other resources.

Making Deaf Children Matter

This is a blog written by a deaf campaigner about his experiences and the campagnas he works on. It is considerably more serious than the other blogs I have listed here. It doesn’t seem to be very regularly updated, but what it is, is a very honest resource about campaigning for the rights of deaf people and the issues with the UK legal system that make life difficult for deaf people.

Goldy’s Deaf Girl Blog

This is a blog by a lady called Goldy, who writes about her experiences of deafness. Everything from the impact of deafness on aspects of her life such as seeking employment and engaging in activities, to the emotional impact of deafness and life at large.

Do you know of any other blogs by deaf people that you enjoy reading? Please post them in the comments below.

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