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Communication aid for under £300


Today, i saw the 1st generation iPad with a protective case for £150 plus postage. Install an app called Proloquo2go on that, put it in the protective case and you have a communication device for less than £300. Not long ago something like this would cost over £3,000! Drawbacks? Always drawbacks….

it’s a “second user” iPad meaning someone has used it before you and it only comes with 3 months warranty. You might want to add a strap to make carrying it all day easier, and a small speaker to increase the volume but these aren’t expensive.

Here’s the link

 You can read our review of Proloquo2go on our website, along with many other reviews of communication apps and assistive technology. Proloquo2go might not be the right communication app for you and is one of the most expensive. Sometimes a free one is better. Have a look at our website or get in touch and we will try to help. We’d love to hear from you if you know of communication apps we haven’t found.






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