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A Blind Legend: Game Review

My name is Alex, and I am a blind student volunteering with the Aidis Trust today as part of my work experience provided by my school. Aidis have asked me to review a game called “A Blind Legend”.

I am completely blind, consequently this makes it very difficult to play visual games. However, I get around this obstacle by playing audio games. I am not much of a gamer and do not play games that often but if I could play more games I certainly would. A lot of the visual titles out today seem very fun and exciting.

About the game

A Blind Legend is an action/adventure game for IOS, android and steam. You control the game with 3D sound and your eyes are useless. The concept is you are a blind medieval knight. You are guided around by your daughter and the King’s soldiers are hunting for you. You must follow her instructions, listen to her commands and you must battle your way out of danger.

Setting up

The first step was easy enough in theory. Install steam and download the game. The programme installed fine, however when going to start steam it was completely inaccessible to any screenreader I tried (Jaws and NVDA). After finally getting the game installed (with sighted help) I started playing it.


I was playing with an XBOX 360 controller which worked fine with my Windows 10 laptop. Having never used a controller before, it was a new and good experience for me. I found I easily got used to the controller and the game gave instructions about which buttons to press and when. It should be noted that to play with a controller and not the computer keyboard I had to change a game setting.

The 3D audio experience is not very good. However, when I was first playing I had my headphones on the wrong way around!!. But sadly, even after correcting this mistake, the 3D audio is still not very good and I could rarely tell which direction I was supposed to go. Also, another little inconvenience is that in the game menus keystrokes don’t register until the game has stopped speaking.

I found the gameplay quite repetitive. A reason why this game is so repetitive is it keeps trying to get the knight to follow his daughter with exactly the same phrase. All the time she says “come this way, over here”. This routine doesn’t vary. The developer has tried to make the game exhilarating by having attacks and battles, however, I don’t think they quite got there. Also, every time I died I had to go back to the beginning of a level and do it again.


Even though steam accessibility is lacking, the same cannot be said for the game itself! Every single part of the game is carefully narrated and there are absolutely no inaccessible parts.

For this blog, I am using the steam version of this game running on windows and not the IOS or android version. Also, this game can be run on Mac OS using steam.

For the iPhone version, the accessibility is good (my friend who is also blind plays this game) and for android and Mac OS I haven’t personally tested so cannot guarantee.

Overall verdict

Personally, I found the game rather dull and repetitive. It should be known though that for the purposes of this blog I have not played it all the way through and these are just my personal opinions and others may think differently. I spent 65 minutes playing and didn’t want to continue.

Other opinions:

Even though I only play some games and don’t play them very often, I have several blind friends that play many games. My friends have all said that they really like A Blind Legend on Iphone and they have never tried it on a computer. On phones, you actually physically follow the 3d audio by moving your phone. This I think would make A Blind Legend more exciting than just pressing buttons on a computer keyboard or gamepad. Also on some other games when you are about to die a heart beat throbs and you really feel the tenseness and the atmosphere seems so much more real.

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