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Archive for October, 2014

What is Gamergate?



I came across a campaign started in America known as ‘#Gamergate’. This is essentially a community that is opposed to women being leading figures within the gaming community, which of course is completely wrong. I decided to take a closer look at ‘Gamergate’ and then look into how disabled people are portrayed in games and whether they are portrayed fairly – or indeed if they are portrayed  at all. 

Switches explained


As part of my latest insight into the world of Electronic Assistive Technology, I’ve decided to dip into the world of Switches. An alternative way for people with greatly reduced mobility and/or cognitive ability to access computers.

Tea and biscuits! A talk with my friend about technology and life

custard cream

I decided to interview a good friend of mine for the blog. She is 20 and has cerebral palsy. She was studying at University but is now enrolled on a course that helps disabled people to get into work. I decided to ask her a few questions about life at University, how she uses technology to help her in her daily life, and how her carers are important to her. 

Eye Tracking



Eye tracking (also known as Eye Gaze) technology, is something that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a science fiction movie a few years ago. Now fiction has become reality, though there are mixed views and reviews surrounding both its suitability and its uses.