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Targeting touchscreens


I’ve just been reading about how a San Francisco designer, Matt Krenn, has identified the difficulty of using touchscreens in cars. It seems car manufacturers are starting to use touchscreens rather than nice clunky buttons. This is silly as it’s more difficult to press a button on a touchscreen without taking eyes off the road. Matt’s solution is an interface that doesn’t require the driver’s gaze to move from the road.

The idea he has is that the entire touchscreen becomes the button and depending on how you drag across the screen controls adjustments eg drag up to increase volume and drag across to change track. The number of fingers in contact with the screen determines what is being controlled.

Personally, I think sticking with the clunky buttons is best but what I like about the interface he’s come up with is that it is useful for people who struggle with targeting accurately (pressing a tiny little button on-screen). If he adapted the interface for equipment around the house, it would make accessing things like TV or music much easier for someone who struggles to use a remote control. We’ll get in touch and see what he thinks.

Here’s a video of the concept in action:



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