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Gizza’ job!


I’m about to finish my time at University so I’ve been looking into getting a proper, full-blown, ADULT job! Scary as it may seem, it can definitely be made easier for those of us who might find it a little trickier because of different disabilities. I wanted to write a blog about how I’ve started to explore the transition from student to professional life, and the tools I use to make it more accessible to me. 

Making shopping less daunting



I’ve been going shopping with friends recently and have been thinking a lot about the things I do differently to make my day enjoyable. I wanted to write a diary blog about my recent trip to my local shopping centre, the technology that helps me to do it, and how friends help me get the most out of the phrase ‘shop til you drop’! 

Public Transport and Disability – the technology helping me get around

Hammersmith Tube Station


Public transport is all around us, particularly where I live in London. I’ve been thinking about how accessible it is for me with my visual impairment, and how much it has changed as I’ve grown up. I’ve been reading a couple of articles on the subject and decided to give my take on disability access on London’s transport network.

Disability Sport – is it for everyone?

goalball copy

When I was at primary school was the first taste I had P.E. classes. I was very lucky because for some P.E. lessons, I had a specialist sports teacher to help me have better access to the sport the class were playing. For example, we’d use a ball which was brightly coloured and had a large bell in for when we played football so that I could see it better, and when we played table tennis, I would play a different version of the game where the goal was removed and you had to use a different bat to push the ball really fast across the table. If the ball fell off the end the other person was playing at, I got a point.