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Public Transport and Disability – the technology helping me get around

Hammersmith Tube Station


Public transport is all around us, particularly where I live in London. I’ve been thinking about how accessible it is for me with my visual impairment, and how much it has changed as I’ve grown up. I’ve been reading a couple of articles on the subject and decided to give my take on disability access on London’s transport network.

Disability Sport – is it for everyone?

goalball copy

When I was at primary school was the first taste I had P.E. classes. I was very lucky because for some P.E. lessons, I had a specialist sports teacher to help me have better access to the sport the class were playing. For example, we’d use a ball which was brightly coloured and had a large bell in for when we played football so that I could see it better, and when we played table tennis, I would play a different version of the game where the goal was removed and you had to use a different bat to push the ball really fast across the table. If the ball fell off the end the other person was playing at, I got a point.