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Disabled Students and The Open University

open university
Last year I took the plunge in to the world of academia and signed up to a BA Honours course with the Open University.

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WordPress and Accessibility

wordpress logo

For those of you that don’t know, WordPress is the software used for the majority of blogs. It is also used to create many websites. Sounds daunting, right? Well, I thought so too, but ever since I’ve started using it, it has only surprised me by how easy and accessible it has been.

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Crossing the Road

pelican crossing

Neatebox, a company in Glasgow have come up with something they think will improve pelican crossings for disabled people.

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Acknowledging someone’s disability in the Right Way

shaking hands

(Technology doesn’t yet tell blind people if you’re offering a handshake)

Technology Is Amazing But It Does Not Erase Disability. This may seem a strange thing to say because I’m not trying to say that technology isn’t important.

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Help with reading


Who Am I?

I suppose it might be worthwhile explaining who I am, as you’ll be reading more articles written by me. My name is Rebecca and I met Aidis Trust at an event in Birmingham this year. Aidis asked if I’d like to write for their blog and so here I am!

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