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Out and About: Talking to People

picture shows someone's hand holding a business card that reads "Please offer me a seat - Remember not all disabilities and conditions are visible" There is also the Transport for London logo on the card.

So, another travel related post. This time I wanted to talk about the people one meets on one’s travels, because as anyone with a disability that’s visual obviously will know, you find some interesting reactions.

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Out and About: Why Buses Should Announce Their Stops Just Like Trains

For the first three posts in this series, I have focused on how people with disabilities learn to travel. For the remainder of the series I’ll be focusing on more advanced topics, mainly of interest to our disabled readers, relating to travel.

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Comics Empower: An Audio Comic Book Store for the Blind

When you think of comics and graphic novels, one of the first assumptions is that they are a visual medium. Therefore, it only follows that they aren’t accessible to the blind, right? Well, Guy Hasson is trying to change that through his comic book company Comics Empower, that make comic books into audio format for blind and visually impaired people to read.

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Happy Birthday Louis Braille: The Future of Braille

(Happy Birthday)

On 4 January 1809, Louis Braille the man who created Braille was born. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about the future of Braille, to celebrate the anniversary being this month.

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Out and About: Travel Training


In the previous two posts, I have focused primarily on travel for visually impaired people. However, people with a wider range of needs require support to learn to get around and this is often delivered through lessons called Travel Training. So, in this post, I shall give you a brief overview of what that is.

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