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Acknowledging someone’s disability in the Right Way

shaking hands

(Technology doesn’t yet tell blind people if you’re offering a handshake)

Technology Is Amazing But It Does Not Erase Disability. This may seem a strange thing to say because I’m not trying to say that technology isn’t important.

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Help with reading


Who Am I?

I suppose it might be worthwhile explaining who I am, as you’ll be reading more articles written by me. My name is Rebecca and I met Aidis Trust at an event in Birmingham this year. Aidis asked if I’d like to write for their blog and so here I am!

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The MakerBot Assistive Technology Challenge

mouth pointer

I was looking for some new information on disability technology online and came across the Assistive Technology Challenge, held in America and run by 3D printing company MakerBot.

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Reasonably recently in a hospital far, far away

Luke's hand

A nine-year-old boy has just been fitted with a child-sized bionic hand! His family name may or may not be Skywalker, we cannot be sure, but it really is incredible how much technology has moved on. I wanted to explain how the hand works, what it does, and the possibilities that this presents for disabled people in the future. 

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Mobility Training: How not to fall down a hole

well well

Yesterday I went to the RNIB resource centre near Kings Cross Station in London and got myself a new cane. This I was able to do on my own because when I was young I was given “Mobility Training”. I thought I’d describe what this training involved and how important it is to me today.

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