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Costs for disabled people accessing online services


Following on from Julian’s blog yesterday, I thought I’d comment on how it costs more for some disabled people to access services that are now only accessible over the internet.

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The cost of Assistive Technology

cost_of_assistivetechOne of the biggest gripes for those needing Assistive Technology is the Price. The phrase Special Needs = Special Price is true, more often than not.

Now, let’s look at a section of Assistive Technology for ease of argument – Communication devices (AAC). Using a computer tablet with software to select words and phrases to communicate with.

 As with many arguments, there are always at least 2 camps. Those for the prices being high and those against.

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Social Media

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So you know where to find us on Twitter (@AidisTrust) and Facebook, but we’re always on the look out to make it easier for you to get in touch with us, share interesting articles and hear your views.

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Addictive little switch friendly game

You’ll either love it or hate it. However, the interface works really well with 4 switches.



It’s a game that at first looks like a sudoku puzzle, however, it isn’t. You slide tiles either left, right, up or down and if any adjacent cells have the same number in them, then they merge. If none are merged, then you’re fed a ‘2’ in a cell.

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Remembering Your Passwords

Picture of onelastpass

Remember back in the day when a password was something memorable – yes, possibly cryptic, but memorable. Life was so straight forward back then.

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