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Twitch – A New Move For Disabled Gamers


I’ve heard of Twitch before, but never actually knew that disabled gamers could use it and that it was disability accessible. I’ve seen in the news that Amazon is buying it and thought I’d get the scoop on it myself.

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What a computer really means to me – Part II


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good week.  Last time I touched on some telephony aids.  I would like to touch on telephony aids a little more and then some other medical assist services via the PC. 

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Playing with Steam – how accessible is it?

 a screen capture of Steam's shop webpage


This week, I decided to test out one of the leading games platforms available for the computer, for its accessibility, particularly for users with limited vision. A games platform is a gaming centre with a library of games available to buy and download – a bit like iTunes – as well as a community with forums where people can share tips and ideas on different games. Many games now require either Steam, Origin or Uplay so I best find out if I can use them with my screen-reading software.

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Moving into Gaming


I want to find out how games consoles have changed since I used to play them years ago. I’m going to be looking particularly at the new ways that can be used to play games using movement.  I promised that there would be a blog on the accessibility of games consoles and here it is!

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What a computer really means to me – Part I


More than just a computerI am housebound due to several medical conditions that include both M.E. & Fibromyalgia.  As well as feeling generally very unwell and in pain my conditions greatly affect my energy, mobility and dexterity often rendering me bedridden.

I became housebound at a time when home PC technology was still in its infancy, and with Aidis Trust help I am learning to better utilise assistive technology such as voice recognition typing software to help where using traditional methods causes pain and exhaustion.  Updates as I progress!

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