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Google’s online lego box


Hands up who loves lego! Well I do and I’ve just read that Google have a project to put digital lego bricks online. Great, no more standing on a 2×4 in the middle of the night!

So far it’s quite basic and you can only build with about 20 different bricks (including a window and a door) but the idea looks good. It’s here if you want to try it. Anyway, I was thinking it might be fun to play with if you have difficulty using real lego. I gave it a go to see how easy it was to play using a mouse and keyboard to build a small red house and I found it quite difficult and clumsy. I don’t know whether google are going to improve the controls but I hope so.

We’ll have another look at this once they’ve updated it but hopefully it will improve. I used firefox and it seemed to work ok but it’s intended to be used in Google’s Chrome browser. I’d love it if they turned google maps into one giant lego plate!

Here’s a video:



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