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Celebrating Disabled Mothers

Picture is a hand drawn love heart shape with child-like writing to give the message of "I love my mum"On 26th March, it is Mother’s Day. A day when people celebrate the role of mothers. A day when we recognise the contribution that these women make to our lives. There are many disabled women around the world who find ways to overcome their difficulties and still run happy families. So I thought it would be important to celebrate the lives of these women.

Having a disability can make life harder. It can mean you cannot do certain things, mean you have to do things in a different way, mean things can take longer and can mean that you are unwell some or much of the time. This can make life harder. Now, as I often say, it’s important to get the balance right between acknowledging the difficulties that disabled people face and trying to say that they shouldn’t try and do things. Many disabled women are quite successful mothers and I think we should celebrate the very important contribution they make to the world. So, below are a list of blogs by disabled mothers, that stand testament to the fact that disabled women can be mothers.

Raising a Child as a Disabled Mother

Heather is a physically disabled woman, who wanted to become a mother. Upon doing research, she felt that there was a lack of personal stories of mothers who were disabled. So, in 2010, she started her own blog about being a mother as a disabled person and has been doing it ever since. Her blog endeavours to share her experiences of being a mother with a physical disability as well as the successes she’s had and the challenges she’s had to overcome.

You can see the blog here:


Disabled Positive Parent

Caroline wrote about her experiences of being a disabled mother, with a particular focus on giving reviews of every day products that can be made useful for disabled mothers. Sadly, this blog was discontinued back in 2014 after her death at the end of 2013, but its archive still remains as a resource for disabled parents.

You can see the blog here:


A Disabled Mom’s Life

Erica writes about her experiences as a disabled mother and raising awareness of disabilities, as well as other topics of interest such as product reviews and book reviews.

You can see the blog here:


Blind Mom Blog

Nicole writes about her experiences of being a Mum: particularly the joys and challenges of being a mother despite being blind. Perhaps of particular interest for other blind people is her section on cookery.

You can see the blog here:


Blind Motherhood

Holly runs Blind Motherhood, a resource for blind mothers to share stories about experiences of blind mothers. The site aims to educate blind and visually impaired people as well as sighted people, about the fact that it is possible for blind people to be mothers, have relationships and raise families. It is also intended as a resource for sighted mothers of blind or visually impaired children.

You can see the blog here:


Do you have a disabled mother or know someone who is a disabled mother? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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  • carolyn


    I hope all the disabled super mums out there had a great day. You are all an inspiration in the same way parents to disabled kids are


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