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Why You Should Consider Volunteering

Last week 19 to 25 February 2018 was Student Volunteering Week. So, I thought I’d talk about my experiences volunteering and why I think it’s something you should get involved in, particularly if you’re a student.

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Why I Use Podcasts So Much

an icon on a phone that reads podcasts. The image looks like a fat lower case i with two interrupted circles emanating from it and surrounding it. It's the apple itunes logo for podcasts

Today I am going to be talking about podcasts. I find I’m listening to more and more podcasts. So, I thought I’d tell you a little about them and what I use them for.

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Apple’s VoiceOver: The Value of Accessible Mainstream Technology

A MacBook on a plain background. The screen shows software and a speechbubble displays words describing a selected tool. It reads "Colour Wheel, selected, button"

Today I’m talking about screen readers, specifically VoiceOver, which is the screen reader made by technology company Apple that comes free with their products: iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Mac computers and so on, which many blind and visually impaired people use.

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Disabled Voices Online: Interview with Angie from the Blog Deaf Blind and Determined

Aidis Trust logo with the words "Disabled Voices Online" beneath it.Braille means a lot to me. I love it very dearly and it makes much of what I do considerably easier. But for this week’s Disabled Voices Online participant, it is her main method of communication and without it she very literally wouldn’t be able to run her blog.

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Disabled Voices Online: Interview with Nicola from View from a Walking Frame

Aidis Trust logo with the words "Disabled Voices Online" beneath it.

This is another disabled voices online interview, which is actually quite long, as we had a really in depth chat about blogging, youtube and being a disabled writer. This week’s interviewee is Nicola Golding from the blog View from a Walking Frame.

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